Opportunities are waiting for you
Just for today, live life as if there is no tomorrow. Life is so precious, every new day gets some new opportunity...
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Water can change your life!
This is one thing which we intake orally the most throughout the day. It’s so easy for us to just open the tap...
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“SMILE”, the biggest and simplest Meditation
Meditation is finding yourself. The meaning is,  What we are! Who we are! Where we are coming from! It does...
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Difficult times come to upgrade us
If you can advise own self in a true sense then it means you are creating your own life. You are the center of...
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Slow Down, pause and think…
Slow down a bit, life has beautiful things in store for you.Slow down a bit and find time to appreciate little...
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Love yourself first
We all want to be happy and make others happy, right? Let’s see how. In order to bring happiness to others, you...
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The Beginning of the end…
In every walk of nature, one receives far more than one seeks. But do we think of giving back to nature?.Why do...
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Five things you should practice this holiday season
The below mentioned five practices will transform your life and you will be positively impacted physically, mentally...
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Conscious breathing can create your life your way!
Do you really want opportunities chasing you !!You know, they are really really chasing you every single day. Every...
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Become a slippery pot and stay away from negatives.
Why don’t you become like a slippery pot, a chikna gadha…it’s so easy… Understand this, negatives will come to...
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