Keep negatives away with Sujok
Many a time, it happens that you are at some place and something not so good is happening in front of you and you...
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Stop existing.. start living…
A successful Man, or a Woman, needs inspiration. Inspiration comes from a friend, a mentor, a person who loves...
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Happiness is a state of our mind
Positive state of mind is very important for our happiness. Let’s see a few tips which we can follow on an everyday...
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Follow your heart!
Heart is the softest part of the body. All emotions are felt within the heart and it is very sensitive. But did...
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Let’s welcome 2021 with a big smile!
Dear friends, the year 2020 took us on a big ride of fear, stress and anxiety, now it’s time to say goodbye to...
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Celebrate Life with Smile…
SMILE, it’s your birthday!! We are excited and we celebrate and smile on the day which we are born. But actually...
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Ring the bell of happiness!!
Sharing a very unique story where you will see that ringing the bronze bell can actually bring back the magic in...
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Eat pumpkin & be healthy
Include pumpkin in your daily diet. Pumpkin is one of the delicious and healthiest vegetables known today. And...
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Meditate daily
First of all, I would like to address certain myths about meditation. What is meditation?  Meditation...
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Learn Sujok Therapy & heal yourself @ home
ARE YOU TIRED OF TAKING PAINKILLERS?? GET RID OF THEM FOR LIFETIME!! What is Sujok Therapy: Sujok therapy was developed...
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