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Sujok : God’s love for us
We say that Almighty is our Father. He will always take care of us and never let us suffer. In this logical scientific...
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Difference between Mind and Brain
Generally, if you search for images of the mind in google, you will get images of the brain or sometimes abstract...
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Stomach Ache Healed With Thoughts
Sharing a case where a little girl, 8 years old visited Smile N Shine clinic and told me that she has regular stomach...
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A Testimonial – Faith and Trust can move mountains
I, Dr. Seema Damani is very happy to share this wonderful recovery case of one of my kid patients through Sujok...
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Four Fundamental Forces Rule
There are four fundamental forces that created this whole world. Just 4! All others are derivatives or extensions...
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Self care is important
Yes, to live a life of peace, love and success, self love and self care is very important.  Now, what is self...
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A true friend is a shadow
My Shadow is an inseparable part of mine. It is my best friend and whenever I am in need, it is always there to...
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Miracles of Sujok Therapy
Sharing a sweet testimonial from Dr. Grishma Bhuta who took Sujok Therapy from Dr. Seema Damani. “A big hug and...
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Do what you love
Imagine that it’s the first day of the week, it’s Monday morning and your alarm clock is ringing…It’s like 5 am...
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Triorigin Smile Meditation
Do you want to feel inner happiness? Do you want to smile like a child without any worries of the world? Do you...
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