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Triorigin Science

Everything that is into existence, take from a tiny particle to the whole universe is operated by some fundamental rule. This fundamental rule is called Triorigin science which consists of 4 fundamental forces: NEUTO, HETERO, HOMO and NEUTRO.

The Triorigin forces appeared prior in the world and began to govern and influence all the other existence. Hetero appeared first, followed by Homo. They became a pair and they grew, expanded and empowered each other. Then the influence of Neuto joined Homo and Hetero in a spiral whirl. All of a sudden, Neutro happened to join the mixture of Hetero, Homo, Neuto and all four together as a whole came to be known as Triorigin.

These Triorigin forces are the basis to existence and thus are incorporated at every stage of development. Take various phenomena for example space (length, width and height), time (past, present, future), life (mind, body, soul) are simply the results of the action of Triorigin principle.