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Twist Therapy

The crux of Twist Therapy is the rightly chosen twisting spiral motions of the parts of the human body to revive the natural flow of energy in the body. The lack of this energy may lead to physical, mental or emotional disorders. Twist Therapy involves twisting movements of the head, hands, feet which clears your mind, nourishes your mood and removes fatigue, fear, stress, tension and anxiety.

Twisting hands and feet will heal the corresponding body parts and will give you instant relief. Anybody and everybody can perform Twist Therapy after basic training. The therapy can be carried out at home, outdoors or even at your workplace which can treat chronic diseases. This therapy is also used for the recovery of bed-ridden patients.

Twist Gymnastic: A Therapeutic Method to Lose Weight

Twist Gymnastic is a part of Twist Therapy where performing spiral twist motions for 2 minutes will tone your body. This therapy will boost your energy level and make you energetic without exhausting you.