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  • A Compact and Natural Healing
    Process without Drugs and Medications

  • Sujok- an Alternate Healing Method
    with Instant and Effective Relief

  • Stimulating the Areas of
    Hands and Feet to Heal and Recover

Smile n Shine

Founder – Seema Damani
Smile n Shine was commenced by Seema Damani on 23rd March 2012 with essence to solve physical, emotional and mental problems. Practising Sujok since 1994, her motto is to heal people without medication and side effects when she herself had seen major setback with her spine problems. Sujok treated her when all the doctors across the world had given up.

Our parent institution is
International SuJok Association

Our Global Leaders

Prof. Park Jae Woo

Founder of SuJok

Dr. Park Minchul

Global President

Dr. Park Minkyu

Global Vice President


Therapies used at Smile n Shine are healing methodologies based on Acupressure and Acupuncture. The therapies are simple methods where the areas of palm and foot represent different active human organs. Working on these points through pressure and puncture produces effective results of relieving body pain.


The unpleasant sensation of burnt tongue had caused sleepless nights to the client. With Sujok, I completely resolved client's burnt tongue issue.
I treated the client's under eye-bags in just 5 sessions which weren't even possible in the long term.
A 4-year-old girl had a nail bed laceration due to her hand on the mixer grinder. Through Sujok, I revived her nail bed in just a few sessions.