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Be grateful and move forward

When the rain falls, the whole place is covered with a blanket of beautiful flowers. You cannot take your eyes off it! We all love to look outside at the beauty of nature. It is so beautiful ! The birds sing as they are happy in the fresh morning air.

There is life, there is hope.

Everything has it’s own time and it’s own seasons. Things do not always go as we all expect. Difficult times come in all our lives that make us feel distraught. Our hearts feel heavy and we feel empty from inside and sometimes we try to cut ourselves from the whole world. Life does not make sense at this point of time.

But then we should never lose hope and always believe that there are better days also in life. Approach the tough time from a different perspective. We all have lots of love inside our hearts to share with the world and we all get second chances in life. The world is abundant with love and care to fill our hearts.

Care for people with love and the same shall be bestowed upon you.

Reach out to people and share your love and care with them and you will be surprised and satisfied by the amount of love and care you will get in return. Do not live in the past and rise from the past and embrace the current moments of life. Love is the foundation that makes you stronger. If you want something in life, work for it with full passion.

Aren’t you amazed watching the little birds …how they build their nests? It fetches small small sticks and feathers to build it’s home. A bird is just a little creature. And we are so much bigger in body and in mind. We must move forward in life with hope no matter what. If we just sit around, we shall never achieve anything and would feel empty. We must work with passion and hope like little birds.

Choose to focus

Choose to focus on your blessings and you will see how insignificant your troubles become. Appreciate everyday for the things and people you have in your life. Be grateful for the smallest of things. Be grateful for your health. Time moves on, time moves on….and that’s the truth. Don’t waste even a single moment of your life that does not deserve your time and attention.

Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.”- Jim Rohn

You can’t turn back time, you can’t! You can only move forward. You cannot change the past, so make peace with it.

Say to yourself, “ I am fulfilled, I am happy. I have nothing to complain about. I am at peace. I am at peace.”

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