Become a slippery pot and stay away from negatives.

Why don’t you become like a slippery pot, a chikna gadha…it’s so easy…

Understand this, negatives will come to you, emotions that are made in this world are all meant to be felt and experienced. There will be people who will fill up your heart with joy and warmth and there will be people who will make you feel depressed. We like positive vibes and we feel like having it more and more but we don’t want to have negative vibes around.

There would be people who will always complain in your presence about their health, their family, their work, their relatives etc..they unknowingly or knowingly dump their negatives on you. At first, you might not even realize that it is affecting you, but then if you continue to be in these people’s surroundings, you also might be affected and can also develop negatives in your life. You might pick up these negative energies on a subconscious level. Moreover, it’s not just going to be one person with whom you have to deal for negatives, there can be many individuals like that. Dealing with such kinds of negative emotions can be very difficult at times and draining and sometimes you cannot even avoid that person. 

Then how to keep away from the negatives?

There is a simple strategy that can work wonders in your life and help you to remain positive and less affected by the negatives people throw at you.

Whenever you are faced with negatives from people, you need to quickly realize about the unwelcome negatives. Become like a slippery pot and make your mind also like a slippery pot! 

The negative emotion and negative vibes which come to you, cannot stay for long with you and scroll down the surface of the mind. They don’t enter deep into your mind and do not enter into the core of your mind. They cannot stay with you for a longer duration and therefore, you are not affected much from the negative vibes. Just let the negatives pass by! 

Maintain an emotional detachment from other people’s views. Be mindful of your response and don’t just react. Handle the situation with poise and calm.

You cannot always change the person’s negative tendencies so you need to protect yourself from their negatives. Realize the difference between the energies of yourself and them and take care of your positive vibes.

We shall come up with more amazing and simple ways to keep the negatives away from you.

Keep reading!!!

Smile and be happy always.

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