Boost your Immunity by Sujok Therapy

The effects of Coronavirus in this world have been disastrous. Every day something new is coming up. So now, “a new normal” will be there. Right now, we all are practicing social distancing in this lockdown, but how long do you think we can practice this? Our work cannot be justified completely in this situation. Now, we need to come out of our houses and start working and start a new normal life. But what is actually a new normal life? Will this Coronavirus not affect our lives? You cannot actually know where this tiny virus is hiding in our houses and environment? It’s present everywhere in this environment and we cannot escape from this reality. We need to live with this virus in our day to day life now. We need to cope up with it. 

Do you think if the lockdown is over, we can undermine and ignore this virus? Not at all!!   We might not be aware but it might be right in front of us! The only way to avoid the ill effects of this virus is to make your own immune system strong.

So, let’s discuss COVID-19 v/s Immune.

If the COVID says, “hey you, come out of your house, meet and hug people, I am there to catch you”. But what does Immune say? It laughs HAHAHAHA and says,” I am so strong, you cannot even touch me.” If the Immune is very strong enough, then even if a virus enters the body, it cannot do the harm as immune cells kill the virus.

Now, the question arises, How to make our Immune system strong?  

We shall give you some very simple but powerful remedies for this, please make sure to follow.  

  • The first immunity booster of the day – Every morning take a glass of water and squeeze a lemon and drink it.
  • The night time immunity booster – Every night drink a cup of warm milk with half a teaspoon of turmeric in it. No sugar. Don’t eat anything after milk.
  • Eat watermelon everyday.
  • Eat two walnuts every morning. The way you eat walnuts is very important. Chew it very slowly and make a paste in your mouth, let it react with your saliva and then take it in. Just don’t chew and gulp it directly. Let it sit in your mouth and chew it 30 times till it mixes with your saliva very nicely.
  • Your body has enough self healing power. It has certain points in the trunk through which it can absorb the cosmic energy and convert into a strong immune system in your body. You must have heard about CHAKRAS. These points are somewhere near the Chakras in our body. They are not exactly the chakras but near the chakras. According to the Sujok Therapy, our whole body is represented on our hand. The hand is a miniature form of our body. So, these energy points are also represented on our hands. Our body is made up of five elements. We need the fire element to fight against this Coronavirus. Every element has its own colour vibrations. The fire element is represented with orange colour. If you colour them with orange colour with a sketch pen in your hands, it will activate your immune system and give energy to your immune system. We are sharing the points in the picture below, do it everyday for 5 hours during the daylight on a daily basis. Not in the evening. Apply the colour in these pints and keep it for 5 hours and then wash off your hands with soap. If during the day, the color lightens due to hand wash, darken it again with a sketch pen. The dots have to be 5-6 millimeters in diameter. Continue this for one week and then give a break of 3 days, then again do it for a week, then a break of 3 days. Do it for 3 sessions. This makes your immune system very strong. It will not only help in fighting the virus but also fight against any other bacteria and infections in the environment.

So, follow these instructions and enjoy an immune rich life.

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