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Celebrate Life with Smile…

SMILE, it’s your birthday!! We are excited and we celebrate and smile on the day which we are born. But actually if you think deeply, every single day, every new day, every new morning is a new birth for us. Infact, in every moment , human cells in our bodies are dying and new cells are being created/born. In that sense, every moment of our life is a birthday for us, every moment we get a new life, so every moment needs to be celebrated. Let’s celebrate each and every small achievement that we have in our life and enjoy our life to the fullest. Let’s not wait for bigger achievements to be happy. Because happiness lies in the present moment, it is in the NOW! Every small moment, every small achievement is happiness.

“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.”-  Thich Nhat Hanh

For example: Right now, I am writing this blog sitting in my balcony and there is a very sweet smell of rajnigandha flowers in the air. This is a very lovely smell and I am really enjoying and celebrating my moments sitting in the balcony while working on this blog. Find enjoyment in your surroundings, there is a lot of enjoyment and a lot to celebrate in life around you.

Smile when you wake up in the morning,  smile when you see the sun rising, smile when you see a flower blooming, smile when you feel fresh and cool air touching your face, smile when you see someone’s beautiful and soulful smile….

Celebrate each and every small moment of your life and do not let go of any opportunity to find happiness in these small moments.

Because celebration is an achievement. The more you celebrate in life, the more you achieve in life and the more you achieve in life, the more reasons you get to celebrate in life. So, the circle goes on and on and on…..…with unending celebrations and achievements in life.

Wear your best outfit always – YOUR SMILE!! It looks adorable on you and it’s contagious! 

“Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.” – Steve Maraboli

So, SMILE!! This is the time for you to celebrate, to achieve. Smile more when you achieve small small things, these small things combine and become big achievements in your life. A small smile on your face removes all suffering from your life. So smile, celebrate and enjoy life in each and every moment and spread your sunshine to others.

Have a nice day !

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