Conscious breathing can create your life your way!

Do you really want opportunities chasing you !!
You know, they are really really chasing you every single day. Every single moment!
The only fact is that you cannot recognize them.
Once you recognize them, they are all yours.

Now, how to recognize these opportunities moving around you every moment ?
Start reading the cosmic energies around you.

Cosmic energy around Me !!!
How do I read them ?
Start reading your own SELF.
Your thoughts,  your actions, your reactions…

Know your SELF.
What does it mean to know Myself ??? It means, to prove to yourself,  that you are living. Not just existing on this planet.!

Difference between living and existing – A stone exists in this world, but we, living beings, live ! Because we have emotions, we have reasoning.

So, what is the most fundamental proof that we are really living, and not just existing !!


Our Breath tells us that we are living….it’s the symbol of life. 

Just slow down and pay attention to your breath. When we breathe in rhythmic patterns, our brain gets activated and an awareness surrounds our body and mind. Our nervous system lights up. Moment to moment awareness is created. This awareness helps in recognizing the opportunities surrounding us. Our brain also tells us how to tap these opportunities for our and society’s betterment. Your dialogue with your brain is a wonderful creation which will open so many possibilities for your today and for your future. 

You will consciously start creating your own life. This is power!

So, focus on your breathing and create your life your way!

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