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About Course

Sam won dong is a novel and unique form of body motions and movements performed in an orderly manner based on fundamental TRIORIGIN principle.

When body movements and motions flow in Triorigin order, Mind & Soul join the process and the body Mind and Soul dance in unison under Sam won Dong is a state of absolute  harmony and perfection, in which one’s Consciousness is fully developed  achieving the ultimate of self perfection and realisation of the origin Smile- The fundamental essence  of the existing world.

The perfection of the body movements can be achieved effectively through TRIORIGIN Consciousness.

Sam Won Dong is performed with graceful, rhythmic and harmonious motions and movements with Smile to achieve oneness of  Body, Mind and Soul.

Sam Won Gong

” samwon means Triorigin and gong means Effort”

This is special system of physical  motion which can  greatly improve the energy circulation in Body in general.

Diagnosis and treatment can also be done through certain vertical line.

It is called as Sam Won Gong diagnosis and treatment.

About trainers

Dr. Park MinChul (M.D. TCM) He is the first legal successor of Prof. Park, Jae Woo (Innovator of Sujok therapy and Triorigin Science), from the Republic of Korea. He did his graduation in Chinese Traditional Medicine from Hubei Chinese Medical University, China. He got in-depth knowledge of Sujok and Triorigin science/s directly from Prof. Park. He and his brother create structure of Sam Won Gong. Also training system and structure of Sam Won Dong. He is holding following positions at present.

Global President – International Sujok Association (ISA)

Global President – International Sam Won Dong Association

Executive Director – Prof. Park Jae Woo Chair, Saurashtra University, Gujarat (India)

Honorary Chairman – Sujok Clinic & Research Centre, Nagpur (India)

Dr. Park MinKyu (M.D.) is the younger son of Prof. Park Jae Woo. He is a graduate in Medicine from People’s Friendship University, Moscow, Russia. Though he is a qualified medical doctor, he decided to work for his father’s mission to spread Sujok. He and his brother create structure of Sam Won Gong. Also training system and structure of Sam Won Dong. He is holding following positions.

Global Vice-President – International Sujok Association (ISA) Head of the ISA for European Countries Global Vice President – International Sam Won Dong Association

Chairman – Sujok Academy, Russia

Chairman – Onnuri College, Almaty, Kazakhstan

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