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Difference between Mind and Brain

Generally, if you search for images of the mind in google, you will get images of the brain or sometimes abstract images show up. Abstract images are more apt to use to show the mind.

We need to understand, our human existence is a collective of three things, the body, the mind and the soul and together, it makes life. Brain is a part of the body. Mind is a totally separate entity from the body.

Why do we generally consider the brain as the mind? Because the brain does all the thinking, all the rationalizing and it can be said that it is the collective mind of all parts of the body. But the brain also works under the mind.
Say for example, I want to lift my right hand up. I have an intention, that means my mind is ready for it. My mind says to the body to lift the right and up. Now this instruction does not go directly to the right hand, it goes to the brain which is the collective mind of the body and then the brain sends the instruction to the body (to the right hand), so we lift up our right hand. Hence, the mind works very closely with the brain, that is why there is a confusion that the mind is the same as the brain. But no, it is very different.

Brain is the part of the body and the mind is very different, mind is the essence.

We all know that the brain is located in the head. But, where is the mind located? This is a very important question. 

Mind is an abstract thing, mind is located in each and every part of the body. Our stomach has it’s own mind, out nails has it’s own mind, our liver has it’s own mind, our gut has it’s own mind. If they don’t have their own mind, how do they think? And now you ask, how can we say what they think? 

Understand this, if the liver wouldn’t think, then how does it know that it has to grow to a certain size till a particular age and then stop?

How does the nail know that it’s needed to grow lifelong?

How does the stomach know that when it is empty, it needs to show anger and make sounds and make the body suffer?

So, every part of the body, every internal organ has certain emotions because it has it’s own mind.

Mind and body go hand in hand. Mind cannot work without the body and the body cannot work without the mind.  Mind says, mind instructs, mind guides and the body follows. They have a beautiful scientific partnership.

So, always remember, the brain is a part of the body and the mind is a separate entity. Mind is directly connected to the brain and if the mind wants the body to do anything, it sends the stimulus through the brain.

Have a MINDFUL life…

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