Difficult times come to upgrade us

If you can advise own self in a true sense then it means you are creating your own life. You are the center of this universe. Anything which happens to you is your own vibration. Try to understand these vibrations and try to analyze your actions.

Every action you do is the reflection of your mental patterns and emotional patterns.

In your life anytime you face emotional crises, I have a small task for you. In order to prepare yourself, take a paper and pen and keep it aside with you. Close your eyes and sit comfortably. 

Are these times really really trying times and difficult times or they have come to upgrade you?

It is the fact of the universe that we learn more in difficult times. When we are enjoying our life, when we are happy and satisfied with everything, our thirst for learning more is quenched and we don’t yearn or urge to learn more. Somehow, our learning is slowed down. But when we face difficult times and to come out of it, we try to learn more and try to find new ideas, so we upgrade ourselves. We push ourselves to explore more!

So now coming back to our task. After sitting quietly with closed eyes, ask yourself, “what I want right now? Ask this question repeatedly to yourself, “what I want right now?” and think about it. If you get an answer, open your eyes and write the answer on a piece of paper. If you don’t get any answer, just ask again what you want right now, again and again. This has to be continued till you get the same answer for at least 8 times. 

Let’s try and understand this with an example.

Like for example, I ask myself “what i want right now?” and I get the answer, “Fame”. Again I ask myself “what I want right now?” and I get the answer, “Money”. Again I ask the question and the answer comes is “Joy”. 

So, everytime I am getting different answers. This is not the end. So we need to continue asking ourselves because these answers are coming from the mind and mind keeps on changing. But the real truth lies in our soul. Once the soul starts answering, the answer will remain constant. So again and again I ask myself, “what I want right now?” And then at one point of time when I am totally engrossed in my question, I get the answer, “Peace and Prosperity”. Again I ask, again I get the same answer, “Peace and Prosperity”. Again, “Peace and Prosperity”. Again, “Peace and Prosperity”. Again, “Peace and Prosperity”. Again, “Peace and Prosperity”. Again, “Peace and Prosperity”. Peace and Prosperity. Peace and Prosperity. Peace and Prosperity…

You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let failure stop you.

These difficult times are steps for your ask for today, for right now what you want, “Peace and Prosperity”.These times have come to upgrade your consciousness towards your “ask for now”. 

So why worry? Why give the mind a chance to play with you to increase your negatives?

Just accepting the situation as they are will solve all your problems and it will upgrade your consciousness also. And this is the time when we accept our situation as they are, we are ready now to advise others.

 “If you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs.

To sum it all, I would say, if you need to reach the top of a mountain which is a beautiful and sacred place and you really want to reach that place, you will face many hurdles and stones on the way but you have eyes fixed only on the peak. These hurdles do not mean anything to you. You just climb up and up and reach the peak. 

Same way, there are hurdles in terms of trying times, so called difficult times in life and once we surpass these times, once we advise ourselves to be calm and composed and keep ourselves motivated, we will reach our destination very soon. 

If it is very difficult for us to cross these hurdles, the destination we have chosen goes farther and farther.

“The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill.

So we need to accept all situations which we face in life and go ahead without any complain and we will surely reach our desired destination very soon.

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