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Embrace your Challenges with Gratitude

You think you have achieved so much in life and boast of it while some people are depressed that they have not been able to achieve what they wanted in life. Both these, boast and shy are of no matter because we are the puppets playing our part in this universal drama produced and directed by the Almighty.

God has already designed our part, each step and future of what we are going to do in our lives. We are just walking the path written by him. So why complain as these are due to our karmas. Karmas matter a lot in our life shaping. How we behave and what we do matters a lot because all we say and do is recorded in the cosmic  energy and return to us with time.  If we try to fight this, we shall not be able to overcome it. Difficulty comes to upgrade us and the creator brings these difficulties because he knows that we have the ability to face hurdles. Life’s challenges are there to make us a stronger soul and come in touch with ourselves.

All we can do is to act mindfully and appreciate our difficult times in life and accept them with open arms even though the challenges seem very difficult to overcome at times. Accept all situations graciously and face it with a smile on our face, it will pass away very smoothly. 

Embrace life with gratitude and then you will see a beautiful future unfolding in front of you as you always wanted.

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