Express your Emotions

Do not bury your emotions.

Don’t worry about people being judgemental. People will always judge, so you don’t have to worry about it at all. If you do not express our emotions, there is a war created within you. Your peace is lost and you are in constant stress and anxiety, you end up being sad and nonsmiling. You might feel depressed and angry also.

It might be very difficult to express and share your emotions in any given circumstances, but here we will teach you a simple technique which if you follow you can easily get rid of all the emotions that are buried inside you and are disturbing you.
For eg: You are in a meeting with a high prospective client and he is saying things that do not mean sense to the business. You need to listen to him but you are getting irritated from inside and yet you cannot express your true emotions. If you continue having these irritating emotions inside you, it will definitely show up some time that can impact your business relationship for sure.

Now let’s understand how we can get rid of these emotions. This is very important.

On the same day of the meeting, just go home, have your dinner and relax. Afterward, stand in front of the mirror and imagine yourself as the “third person” and imagine the image inside the mirror to be “you”. That is, outside the mirror, you are somebody else and you are talking to you who is inside the mirror. You are scolding or talking to yourself in the mirror as to why did you allow this, just take out your anger and express yourself. This talk will actually release all your subdued emotions, subdued anger and subdued irritation which you have accumulated during the meeting. If this is done daily on a routine basis, then you will never accumulate any emotions.

Emotions lead to physical disease.

If you release all your negative emotions every day by doing this exercise, it will never lead to any physical disease. So, release your emotions on a daily basis and be healthy and happy.

Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness. – James Grover Thurber.

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