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Five things you should practice this holiday season

The below mentioned five practices will transform your life and you will be positively impacted physically, mentally and emotionally. Practice these mentioned tips and see the change in your life.

1- Get up early in the morning.

Get up latest by six o’clock. This practice of getting up early will make you 30% more efficient than what you are now. When I say, more efficient, it means that this practice will make you more efficient physically and mentally. You will feel more energetic in your body and in your mind. So, during this holiday time, you can plan more efficiently for your future. Therefore, in these holidays, get up early and start your work with more vigour and more energy. If you feel sleepy, get some rest in the afternoon. For five consecutive days, get up early in the morning and automatically you will sleep early in the night and this habit will be formed in these five days. So, when you start your work after the holidays, you will not have to put in extra efforts to get up early in the morning, you will get up automatically early in the morning. You will have increased energy and improved productivity both physically and mentally.

2- Utilizing your early morning times.

Using your morning time efficiently is also as important as getting up early in the morning. Just getting up early is not enough! When you get up in the morning, freshen up yourself and make yourself a hot cup of turmeric water, that is, just put some turmeric into a glass of water, boil it and pour it in your glass. Then sit in your balcony or terrace or your garden, it should be an open space with a lot of fresh air and sip this magical drink slowly to increase your immunity. Spend at least twenty minutes on this practice. The early morning fresh waves of energy are without any pollution and are full of positivity, this will provide you with extra energy for the whole day.

3- Give sixty minutes of your day to your passion.

In our daily routine and in the hustle bustle of life, we forget to nurture passion. So, this is the right time to nurture and live your passion to the fullest. Your passion will give you an extra kick for your work. In order to live a healthy life, pursuing your passion is very much needed and is very important.

4- Have “ME TIME”.

It’s very important to have time for yourself. And this “ME TIME” means no cell phone with you, no electronic gadgets, no laptop, nothing…just you and some soft instrumental music. Spend twenty minutes of this quality time with yourself. You can do some breathing techniques in this time, this would be very helpful. You can sing, you can dance! Whatever it is, just do it for yourself. This is your “ME TIME”. It should be only you and you, nobody else because you love yourself, so pamper yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and appreciate yourself. Being with yourself alone takes you more close to your higher self, to your soul, to your perfection. So create perfection within you this holiday season. You have enough time and great opportunities.

5- Appreciate five people everyday.

You need to make sure that you appreciate at least five people in a day. You need to find out the things you can appreciate in others. Make genuine efforts for this. The more you appreciate others, the more you will develop yourself. So, always find opportunities to appreciate five people everyday. Also, show a lot of gratitude to people and say a lot of thank you to people and acknowledge them. Gratitude makes you more developed, it increases your credibility, it adds to your morality. So, have gratitude and show gratitude to at least three people everyday.

So, follow these five tips for this holiday season and I am sure that you will emerge out as a person with much higher consciousness than before and you’ll be able to enjoy a SMILE LIFE. Wish you all the best.

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