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Follow your heart!

Heart is the softest part of the body. All emotions are felt within the heart and it is very sensitive. But did you ever pay attention that the main functioning of the heart is through the valves? The valves are the gates of the heart. If these are not functioning well or not present, the heart could not function well. The valves give the proper direction to the blood flowing in and out of the heart. If this direction is proper, functioning of heart will be impaired and humans cannot live healthy. 

So now, how does this fact imply in our lives?

Let’s understand one thing from the functioning of our heart and it’s structure. The heart seems very soft, fragile and delicate from outside. But from inside, through the valves, the main functioning , it is very strong and sturdy and tough too. 

You must know this that when a person dies and his/her body is burnt, the bones remain as it’s very hard, but also the valves remain. Valves are also very hard.

We need to learn one thing from this for a proper smooth functioning of our life without many hurdles. We need to have a very soft and compassionate exterior but within, we have to be very strong, very stern and very tough. Why do we need to be like this? So that we can face any situation, any circumstances and any happenings in our life very smoothly and with much ease.

Say for example, if a person is very soft spoken, very calm, very polite and everybody appreciates that person. But if anytime the person faces a difficult situation which he/she is not able to handle because he/she does not possess that tough part within him/her which would have supported him/her in this difficult situation. In this case, that person gets broken and can go under severe depression. 

On the other hand, if a person is very soft from the outside but has a very stern interior, then this person will take any situation, any circumstance as it is and will not be affected much by it. He/she will be able to stand against tough times because of the tough interior supporting him/her and this person will come out of the difficult situation easily.

So let’s become like our heart, soft exterior but tough and strong interior to fight any situation in life with ease and remain happy and healthy always. Live like your heart and discover inner wisdom.

Have a SMILE RICH life.

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