Four Fundamental Forces Rule

There are four fundamental forces that created this whole world. Just 4! All others are derivatives or extensions of these four fundamental forces. These four fundamental forces could be found in each and every existence in this universe. Rather, we must say that when the Almighty was creating this world, he had this rule of four fundamental forces in his mind. 

Let us take some examples.

We, the human beings. Have you thought about what we are? We are just a combination of mind, body and soul that creates our life, that’s it! Nothing else! All the body parts and organs are the part of the body, all the emotions, logic and reasoning are a part of the mind, spirituality goes with the soul and together all these make LIFE! It’s four.

Let’s talk about another example. Oceans of this world. We have four oceans in this world. 

Talking about continents, how many continents do we have, yes seven, but how many pieces of land? Antarctica, Australia, South & North America as one piece of land, Europe, Asia and Africa as one piece of land. So again four.

The most important thing that explains this fundamental rule of four is the structure of an atom. Everything is made up of atoms. Atoms have the fundamental structure of four. What are the parts of an atom? Electron, proton and neutron. But yes, scientists have seen that when we break a neutron we again get four particles – electron, proton, neutron and anti-neutrino. Hence, there are four major particles in an atom.

So, when an atomic structure consists of these four fundamental forces rule, everything in this universe has to have this rule. So, this rule is fundamental rule and this rule is known as Tri-Origin Science given by our Professor, Park Jae Woo of South Korea, founder of Sujok Therapy. Creation of this universe has started and governed by Tri-Origin science. This science establishes a perfect balance and order in running the universe right from the minutest particle called atom!

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Awareness of this rule of four fundamental forces makes us understand our surroundings better and live life in a very harmonious and smiling way.

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