Four Virtues of Life

Individuality, credibility, modesty and spirituality are the four virtues in human life.

If we follow these four virtues, we would always attract abundance from the universe and nothing can stop us from living a fully satisfying life. We shall be a perfect, healthy and happy human being. Let’s talk more about these four virtues.


For any type of work, knowledge is essential and that is why we gain knowledge from school, college, etc. so that we can live and earn in our life nicely. Individuality is very important for economic growth. It teaches us what, when and how to do in any given situation. It gives us the wisdom and power to think properly and to act perfectly at any time. We should embrace our individuality and the freedom it brings to us.


This is very important in life and it gives us a lot of confidence in life to move forward. In any relationship, be it social, be it economical, be it spiritual, credibility is very important. If you have good credibility in the market, more people would refer you. Credibility makes you calmer and focused. It keeps you grounded to the earth. Credibility is the quality of being trustworthy and it increases our constructiveness in life.


How you like a person who speaks in a very soft tone. We generally say, wow, he/she is a very modest person, he/she never boasts of anything and is not shameful for anything. So, modesty is harmonization.  It comes as a combination of Individuality, Credibility and Spirituality. A modest person will be in a win-win situation under all given situations, he/she will never hurt anyone’s feelings and he/she will always support others’ feelings. This person will always be wanted by other people who need solutions in difficult times and who can understand them and make them calmer. Modest people will always have a smile on their faces. A person who is happy and content from within will always smile.


We sometimes associate spirituality with pooja and rituals. But spirituality is not only that. Spirituality means being within yourself, realizing yourself, feeding your soul and enriching it’s powers. You can connect to the Almighty through your soul only. How difficult mudras or postures you practice, or how powerful your mind is, you can not reach to the Almighty. 

The only thing in your life which can reach out to the Almighty is your soul. So, spirituality is enlightening yourself.  When we say that someone is an enlightened person, it means that the soul of that person is highly developed. Spirituality gives peace, it gives tranquility. A person who has mastered spirituality will never be affected by the negatives in this world. He/she knows what he/she is. Because human is not a body, nor mind, it is the soul. A spiritual person is an enlightened person and has a greatly developed soul. The soul guides a spiritual person during his/her path in life to achieve abundance and finally reach out to the Almighty.

Therefore, let’s follow these four virtues in life and live an abundant life.

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