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Good is good, bad is equally good

Everyone wants good things in life, but imagine if you only have good things happening in your life, will you realize the importance of good things? You might become arrogant, over dominant and overconfident. You might start believing that you are the creator, but always remember, there is a supreme power above all of us who designs and creates all our lives. So, when you try to overrule his existence, you get a thrash to remind you and that is termed as “bad” in your life.

But is the thrash actually bad? Have you ever wondered? It is actually good and enlightening for us as it helps us to come back to our realization that a supreme power exists above us. We realize who we are and what is our purpose of existence. If we let that “bad” stay with us then every good in our life like our wealth, fame, abundance etc. become at stake and might disappear from our life. So we need to understand the implication of “bad” in our life in order to live an abundant and blissful life.

God gives us difficulties to bring out the best in us.” Marvin J. Ashton

Good and bad are God’s creations in our lives, so make sure that we always remain humble and enjoy life. Therefore, we should realize the value of “good” in our lives and understand that we are the owner of this goodness. It is given to us by the nature and environment around us by the supreme power.

We should always be modest, humble and respect nature and always be down to earth and receive everything from nature with grace and gratitude.

Practice and live these virtues in your daily life – Intellect, Credibility, Morality and Spirituality. We shall share more insights on these virtues in coming blogs. 

Life is good because God is great.

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