Heal Yourself for Cervical Spondylitis by Sujok Therapy

The tiny virus of Corona has re-shaped our business’s operation style. Work from home has become a trend now, it means working on your PC or your laptop all day long. 99% of the people don’t use the correct posture while sitting and working on the computer. Hence, a new disease has come up – Text Neck. When you text anyone, you have your cervical or neck bent down and long hours of this posture make the neck bones (cervical ) fragile and loose alignment. Also, the disc space is lost hence creating pain and aches in the cervical region known as cervical spondylitis. This is very painful.

Now, how can we help this Text Neck syndrome? 

Sujok therapy has very fast and accurate effective treatment for this disease.

Today we shall give you some Do’s and Don’ts while working on your PC or your laptop and also some remedial points to restore back the original condition of your neck.

1– Always use a table and chair for your work, never sit on the bed. If you sit on your bed, keep a small table to keep your laptop and work on it in a straight position.

2– Your eye level should be with the first line you see/write on your screen. That means, when you are looking at the screen with your neck straight, the first line you see on your screen should be exactly at your eye level. This will prevent you from bending the neck down to read the whole screen.

3– Adjust the height of your laptop in such a way that when your arms are on the keyboard, they should make 90 degrees at your elbow level. If the table is too low, then put some thick mat or use a small table to increase the height of the laptop.  If your table height is too high, then put a cushion on your to match the height.

4– Every 15 minutes, take out 30 seconds and move your neck from left to right to the maximum distance very slowly.  Do this 5 times and get back to work. If any one side is in pain, don’t do that posture for a long duration.  Just turn to another side.

If you take care of the above four points, we are sure that you will not face Text Neck or cervical pain and also improve your cervical bone quality. 

5- Follow the instructions on the below given picture, this will make your cervical bones so strong that no disease can attack it.

Let’s learn about 2 facts: 

1. The human Hand is a Miniature of the Body. All the parts or the internal organs of the body, can be very well plotted on the HAND, according to the Science of SUJOK THERAPY. So, the correspondence point of the cervical region lies on the THUMB, lower challenge, as marked in the picture.

2. Anything in this UNIVERSE is Energy. Only energy. This energy is of the 5 elements, with which all matter is made up of. Red colour, be it real is virtual, is an energy which attributes to warmth, relaxation. 

So, red colour painted on cervical Correspondence point, brings relaxation to the neck region, the cervical bones.

These points should be applied with sketch pens,  for 4 hrs daily. For 4 days. Give a break for 1 day and again continue for 4 days. Repeat this cycle 4 times, to see your cervical pain go down by 80 %.

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