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How to Live in the Present Moment?

Present moment is inevitable. We all are aware of it. But do we really live in the present moment?

Either we live in the past and worry about what has happened with us and why and how it happened or we live in constant worry for the future and are anxious all the time. These thinking habits and patterns make us miss out on some great moments in our life. Happiness goes away and we lose our smile.

The good news is that we can start living in the present moments and start living life fully.  If you want to live mindfully in the present moment, our breath is the most important tool. It is not difficult. Does our breath stay in the past or future ? No, our breath always stays in the present moment. It is also said that we get impacted by the togetherness of people and things. We become like them. So how about living with our breath? 

Here is a wonderful exercise, from today onwards, set your alarm every hour from 11 am to 7 pm and at every hour, just pause and leave everything for a minute and focus on your breathing. Feel your breath, be aware of your breath, be conscious of your breath. Cherish the feeling of being alive and celebrate it with a smile on your face.  The more you stay with your breath, the more you stay in your present moment, because your breath is always in the present moment. Then you will start enjoying life every moment and you will live life in the present. You will be surprised with the happiness this will bring into your life. Life will be in the present moment  and you will live with a smile on your face.

Therefore, by returning to your breath, you will return to the present moment in your life…

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