Humans are like a mango!

Today our topic is mango! Most people love mangoes. People love it in it’s raw form as well as in it’s ripe form. It’s the king of fruits.

Human nature can be very well compared with a mango. Let’s understand how?

Have you ever tried to peel a raw mango? Maybe yes! And you must have experienced that it is very easy to separate the pulp from the seed. The seed is easily separable. You must have noticed that the skin of the raw mango is strongly attached to the pulp and it is very difficult to separate the pulp from the seed. The pulp is the essence of life! Actually, it’s the life itself and the seed is the core of our existence. The skin is the exterior and it represents how we present and show ourselves to the world.

So, when we are young as raw mango, we are not much developed mentally, emotionally and spiritually and it’s ok that we are more conscious of our outside appearance and are very much attached to our external behavior and external looks. We are not that much attached to our core which means that the person is not well grounded and gets effects from the outside world very easily. The core can also be related to our soul.

Our soul is the base of our life and when we grow and mature, we become like a ripe mango.

In a ripe mango, the peel is easily separable from the pulp while the pulp is not easily separable from the seed. You have to scrape out the pulp from the seed to keep the seed aside. So in the same way, when humans mature, they are attached to their core and should be easily separable from the outer world. They are not affected by people’s opinions about them as they are protected by the skin and can easily leave the outer skin to protect the core. They can leave the outer skin to protect who they really are at the core.

For example: If we get some unpleasant comments from people, it attacks the person at the aura level. Now, the good point is that the unpleasant remarks attack the skin but the person can remove the skin very easily and not get affected by the comments. Nothing can disturb the person. That is a mature human life with a well-developed mind and soul. Hence the body will also remain very healthy. Everybody enjoys the company of such a mature person.

Make your core stronger and live a smile rich life.

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