Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

How are you feeling happy? Because someone loved and appreciated you and made some good remarks about you, it boosted your confidence and made you really happy. On the other hand, if someone makes some bad or negative remarks about you, you start feeling low and unhappy. Happiness lies within our own self. We can never find happiness in the outside world. It’s a fact that only you and only you are responsible for your happiness. No one can make you happy or unhappy if you don’t choose a new one. No one can make you sad without your permission. 

Example: There are two people, Mr. A and Mr. B. 

Mr. A passes a remark that Mr. B is an ass. So now, Mr. B has two choices. First, he can believe that Mr. A is right and he will start doubting himself and lose his confidence. Secondly, Mr. B can think that Mr. A is having some negative experiences today and Mr. is in a negative zone and therefore he is passing negative remarks about me, therefore Mr. B will ignore Mr. A’s remarks about him. Mr. B will think that it’s Mr. A’ s opinion and it cannot change or disturb my mental pattern. Mr. B will not be ready to accept what Mr. A says. Mr. B will choose to be happy over being unhappy with listening to what Mr. A has to say about him. After seeing Mr.B’s response, Mr. A will stop bothering and his thought pattern will also change from negative to positive and his life will be more serene.  

We should always focus on ourselves and our mental state is the most important thing. We all need to be happy and deserve to be happy. Leave what others think and say, just let it go. Your mood is important. Therefore, we should have complete and unwavering faith in ourselves and that decides our mental patterns and thereby our life’s happiness. Never doubt your abilities, have confidence in yourself, let people speak about you what they want. It should not matter to you. You should not change your thought patterns anytime for anyone.

So, be happy and be positive always no matter what.

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