Keep negatives away with Sujok

Many a time, it happens that you are at some place and something not so good is happening in front of you and you want to be away from that situation. But you cannot go away as physically you have to be present in that situation, in that moment.

Now what to do so that your mind is not affected negatively by the present situation?

So, here we are continuing with our last blog, “Become a slippery pot and stay away from negatives”. What you have to do is paint an oil on your mind so that the negative thoughts which come cannot stay with you for a long time. They just come, touch you and slip down your mind. They don’t affect you for long.

So, today in this blog, I’m going to give you a technique to use if you are stuck up in such a situation that you have to physically present around an unwanted situation and you don’t want to be present mentally as it affects you negatively. 
The technique is very simple. You can do it in front of a crowd and nobody will come to know that you are practicing this technique and you can cut off yourself from that negative and unwanted situation. You can take your mind away from the situation.

Our hand is the masterpiece created by the Almighty. He has created our hand in such a way that it can help us with each and everything in our life. Why the hand has it’s existing structure is also a big story. Why there are four fingers and one thumb also makes big sense. We will not go into these details right now.
For now, let’s see how we can use our hands to cut off our mind from the present situation. Our little finger, the pinky finger, the fifth finger is supposed to be the most less used finger of the hand. It is not much involved in many things. So, this finger has a very powerful tool, it has all the power to direct our mind within ourselves. To take away our mind from the unwanted situation in front of you and get it to your own self. The thumb is the controller of the hand, if the thumb is not there, our hand won’t function, therefore, it has the control function. As the head has the control function to the body, in the same way, the thumb has the control function to the hand.

So, we can say that the thumb corresponds to the head which is the base of the Sujok Therapy.

The rules of this technique : Your task is to touch the tip of the little finger with the tip of the thumb of both the hands and keep your hands in a normal position and you should chant the mantra in your mind : “mmmmmmmmmmmmm……”. Remember, only “mmmm” sound, no “hhmm” sound. It’s not bhramri. It’s only “m”. The spelling is “um” but the “u” is silent. We only pronounce “mmm…”.

You don’t need to speak it aloud, speaking inside you is enough. That will control. So keep the little and finger and thumb tips touching with each other and chant “mmmmm…” mantra in your mind. This is enough to take your mind from the unwanted situation in front of you. Your mind will not be affected negatively with the surrounding situation.

The proper way of finger posture is shown in the diagram. Please follow it properly to get the best results.

sujok technique
sujok technique

So, the first rule is that the tips of the little fingers and thumbs have to be touched. When the tips meet at the edge of the nail, the area covered between two fingers will make a perfect circle. So, you need to check if it’s making a perfect circle, if yes, then you are doing it correctly. And you can keep your hands relaxed so that it is not noticed by anybody else. Just by doing this, you can keep your mind away from all negativity. So, when I have somebody speaking negatively in front of me, I just keep this mudra of my hands so that the negatives do not affect my mind. So, you too can do it. All the best.


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