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What is Sujok Therapy:

Sujok therapy was developed by Professor Park Jae Woo. Sujok is a South Korean word where ‘su’ stands for “hand” and ‘jok’ stands for “palm”. It is a compact natural healing process that employs acupressure and acupuncture without drugs and medications use.

How Sujok Therapy works?

Your health is in your hands. Heal your body aches and pains using your HANDS only. Sujok therapy is based on the Law of Similarity, Human HAND represents all Body Parts. Using this therapy, one can diagnose any problem very easily.  And by pressing the critical and key points on the palm and applying pressure in the way and in the right direction, one can also cure the problem with ease and very naturally.

The Process involved in Sujok Therapy:

Sujok therapy helps in making us aware that there is a method to “re-program” our body on our hands. Everyone has this super power since our creation. Thus, this method helps in the holistic healing of our mind, body and soul leading us to touch and know our better selves. Your body will heal you….naturally… with the forces in and around your body and is very safe. It is great for the overall well-being and brings more and more stability in the mind.

Sujok Therapy works wonderfully for below ailments naturally:



-Knee Pain

-Cold & Cough





-Immune Boosting

The Outcomes after practicing Sujok:

It has cured many patients from prolonging stress and anxiety and helped them to enjoy a much happier life. Sujok therapy applies universal methods that will help you achieve a level where you will have peace, calm, happiness and confidence in yourself. And you will feel good…

About the Course: 

Your Hands can heal you…

Register for 20 hrs Internationally Certified Course and be your own doctor.

Fees- INR 7500.

If you are interested in learning Sujok techniques by us, then you can call us at: +91 9104522215 or email us at seema@sujokcounselling.in You can also fill up the form.

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