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Let’s be our own Master!

The human mind is such that if it gets whatever it desires, it is very happy and confident. Whenever we get other people’s approval and attention, we get happy for some time and we feel good about ourselves. Constantly seeking approval of others is not the long term solution. As something goes against our wishes or we do not get attention or things are not done as per our wish, we get upset and also start losing our confidence. Disapprovals can be very painful. We fall prey to anxiety, anger, depression, and stress. So, why do humans fall into all these problems?

Just imaging a small plant on the road side which is not so beautiful and not so grown up. Nobody notices it, nobody waters it and nobody cares for it, but still that plant keeps on growing. When it starts blooming with beautiful flowers and becomes big and beautiful, people start admiring it and paying attention towards it. But initially, the plant did not bother about getting anybody’s attention and did not seek anybody’s appreciation to grow and bloom. He grew and bloomed naturally on it’s own wish.

So, why can’t we be like this plant when we have much more evolved minds than this plant!  Why do we bother if somebody is giving attention and appreciation to us? Why our life revolves around seeking people’s approval…why our thought and life is dominated by other peoples’ thoughts for us. Let’s be within ourselves and enhance our positives without waiting for anyone to appreciate us or approve to us. Start to drive your energy on getting in touch with reality and focus on what really matters to you and align your energy and actions with your goals and principles. Your life will be in your control. Create a world where everything is beautiful and everybody is appreciating you and making you their role model because you have evolved from nothing to everything to what you are today. Lets be our own master.

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