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Life is a dance

This whole planet is dancing in its own rhythm, the trees, the birds, the wind, the rivers, the stars, the moon, the people, etc…everything and everyone…

You just need to look out of your window and feel the rhythm and then dance along with them. This is the most extraordinary experience. When the breeze flows and you can feel your whole body swaying with the breeze. It’s so beautiful. 

There is so much beauty, so much connection, so much joy and love we can have if we just look at things differently.

We are living a self absorbed life and like there are holes in our lives that we are trying to fill up with all kinds of stuff. We feel lost and alone as a species because we are on our journey of separating ourselves from everything.

But we are absolutely part and parcel of this WHOLE.  If you just feel this once, you will never feel lonely again. We have been blessed with an incredible planetary home. There is extraordinary wisdom around us. It is an evolved wisdom that has developed through hundreds and thousands of years. We just need to LISTEN to those who are older and wiser and learn how to live well on this beautiful planet. And there are species that have been here on this planet from much older times than we are. They are the trees, the sun, the moon, the mountains,the animals, they are the microbes…


We should sit and ponder this question – “Are we creating conditions that are conducive to all lives?”

Also, there is RESPONSIBILITY on one side but it is our DUTY to live life to the fullest.

Because we are part of this community of life. We need to share and experience joy in our living. We should be grateful for the oxygen the plants are providing us but we should also be happy that we are giving carbon dioxide in return to the planet.

“What I am breathing out is what you are inhaling and what you are breathing out is giving me life. This is a natural cycle.”

LEARN TO CONNECT WITH NATURE, OTHER LIVES AND EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. Be more kind, be more compassionate towards yourself and others. Experience more love in this human form. Be fully part of the community of life. Experience your body, mind and soul as ONE. Gift yourself solace, peace, happiness, joy and hope.

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