Live in the Present

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Many would say, meditation. But what kind of meditation? 

Meditation can be real or imaginary.

Real meditation is connected to the soul. Your soul has to be uplifted. So, you need to be true to yourself and dive deep into yourself and realize what you have inside, how you feel inside, how you react to your own self?

To achieve this, treat your breath is of utmost importance.

For this, we will give you a simple technique of focus meditation.

Sit in a calm and comfortable position with your eyes closed and try to remember one thing in your life which gave you satisfaction, happiness, and encouragement. Remember that incident, be in it, live it again. Enjoy that incident and when you are fully into it, just shift your consciousness to your focus for today. Focus on what you want in your life from this day, not future, just today. Just focus on today.

And keeping that focus in your mind, take your whole attention to your breath. Feel your breath, experience your breath. See yourself Inhale and Exhale consciously and deeply. So your mind is working on two things, the focus and desires you have for today and your breath. Your breath is integral of you and cannot be separated from you. Your breath will take the focus of your today into reality. Whatever you thought for today will be achieved very fast and very easily. Continue this process for 10 minutes every day for immediate results. Cultivate inner peace through this focus meditation and live in the present and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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