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Miracles of Sujok Therapy – II

Here is another success story where Sujok therapy has given great relief to a patient and her sister-in-law suffering from prolonged shoulder pain.

“I would like to thank Dr. Seema Damani for providing online sessions in lockdown duration as I was suffering from shoulder pain for six months and just after two sessions with her treatment, I could feel great relief in my pain. She not only treated me but also my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law was suffering from cervical pain and under the guidance of Dr. Seema, she got almost 70% relief in just 20 sessions.  

We really thank Dr. Seema for all the good service she is providing.

I highly recommend Dr. Seema for people who are suffering from any kind of pain.”

Presenting another miracle story of Sujok. Dietician Rashida thanked Dr. Seema for her quick response and for providing guided Sujok therapy sessions. She got relief from acute water retention and dehydration within just three online sessions. Sharing a few words from her.

“During Ramzan because of the heat, I was suffering from two problems together, acute water retention and dehydration. Opposite things happening at the same time. I am a very strong believer in alternative therapy. It reminded me of Dr. Seema, I called her up and discussed my problems with her. I was not able to even remove my ring from my finger. In just three sessions of Sujok therapy under her guidance, I was relieved from my water retention problem and was able to remove the ring from my finger and was quite normal and got a very good energy level.

Thank you very much Dr. Seema for your spontaneous treatment and guidance. Best wishes to you.” 

Here is another success story where Sujok therapy helped this patient to get a satisfactory sleep after many years of insomnia. She is very happy with this drug free and natural therapy by Dr. Seema.

“I really thank Dr. Seema Damani. I have been having sleeping issues for a few years now. I would sleep at about 10:30 pm and wake up at odd hours like 2:30 am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I always felt tired. I spoke to Dr. Seema about this and started my natural treatment. On the first day after the treatment, I got immediate results and I slept throughout the night. Now I sleep at about 10:30 pm and wake up in the morning at about 5:30 am. I feel rested with good energy.

She also treated my brother in law for his back issues. 

The great thing about Dr. Seema is drug free therapy. I highly recommend her services to everybody.”

Sujok therapy is creating wonders in healing various kinds of mental and physical disorders.  Dr. Seema’s vision is to heal people from all over the world in getting rid of their pains and aches through natural ways.

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Keep watching the space to know more about the success stories of Sujok Therapy.

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