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Miracles of Sujok Therapy

Sharing a sweet testimonial from Dr. Grishma Bhuta who took Sujok Therapy from Dr. Seema Damani.

“A big hug and loads of wishes to our very own Dr. Smile…Seema Damani.

This love goes to Dr. Seema for being with me through the darkest time of my life recently, guiding me ways to get over it. She was always there whenever I needed her, even in odd times. Thank you Dr. Seema for your presence and wishing you great success in all your endeavors. May your patients get independence from all their problems. “

The healing methods of Sujok helps you to get mental peace in this stressful life.

Another testimonial where Sujok colour therapy cured a throat infection of Ms. Aneri in minutes. She was amazed and happy at such a fast result.

With just a red colour in hand, her throat irritation was gone. 

Sujok is a therapy that not only cures physical ailments in people’s bodies but also heals them in the mind and soul giving them inner peace and happiness. You have an opportunity to learn yourself….to heal your pains and aches.

Here is another success story where Sujok Therapy cured a juvenile patient who was suffering from diabetes for five years.

Khusboo Soni was suffering from diabetes for five years with her sugar always fluctuating from high to low. After taking Sujok Therapy under the guidance of Dr. Seema Damani, her fluctuations decreased a lot and her insulin doses were reduced. Her thyroid medicine doses were also reduced.

Sujok has helped her in improving mental and emotional health and also physical health to a great extent. She now feels positive and energetic in life.

Sujok is a compact natural healing process without drugs and medications that employs acupressure and acupuncture. 

Professor Park Jae Woo is the inventor of Sujok. He was an eminent scholar of Oriental medicine and combined his ideas obtained from extensive and long periods of clinical practice and scientific knowledge. He was the innovator who discovered that the whole body can be cured through the independent curing systems of miniature body parts in HANDS and FEET.

Today, hundreds of people are being benefited from this therapy. Keep watching the space to know more about the success stories of Sujok Therapy.

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