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Nature is Healing

Nature is healing with COVID-19 as a medium, nature has taken its own time to heal itself or maybe to take revenge against mankind. Humans have always exploited nature to their never-ending necessities and needs. It is apt to say that humans have infected nature very harshly without the slightest consideration. So, now nature is giving back those infections in terms of COVID-19.  

In this period of lockdown, do you observe the changes in the air, weather and environment? It is April month but the climate is not that hot. We can hear the playful and sweet chirping of birds which is not less than the meditation. The Himalayan range is visible from the Jalandhar city when it is 200 kms away from each other, but still visible, wow!!

Imagine the amount of pollution we have put into the air and till when the mother earth will tolerate? She also has the limit and humans have already crossed the limit. The Coronavirus is a very simple virus as any other virus with which human beings have affected regularly, then why is COVID-19 so fearful? It is because this virus has affected the human mind. The universe has created a havoc of fear in the human mind so that humans stop their activities and be mindful of their activities and its impact on mother nature. 

And while nature is doing its part now, we humans must rejoice and enjoy. You need to cherish this moment. We can work on our relationships and make them better and more fulfilling. 

Two things we really wanted to do but due time constraints we could not do and always complained. Pursue your passion, it’s time for that. Live life religiously and follow Indian tradition. Indian tradition is very scientific in nature and with its help, you can learn ways to never fall prey to the curse of nature. Eat on time, sleep on time, early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. It is the right time to follow this. This is the time which will never come back and it is the right time to change your habits. Your mind will be accustomed to new habits and after the lockdown, you will have situations in your life that these new habits will automatically manifest itself amidst the busy schedule. This is a fact and you have to believe this.So, smile and enjoy this lockdown and start your journey towards greatness and abundant life. 

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