OM rises from Pure Consciousness, which is fundamental and base for our existence and unfolds all our experiences of the Universe continuously. As the initial sound of OM emerges from the mind, the unmanifested, it then manifests into all the different sounds, energies and vibrations of the Universe, which is the world we see and know. OM, therefore, contains all the sounds and vibrations of the Universe. Everything in the Universe is a manifestation of OM and eventually a reflection of ONE MIND and Pure Consciousness.

Let’s understand the significance of OM in this UNIVERSE:

Everything in this UNIVERSE started with a POINT.

All these points in succession form a LINE.

This line has an instinct to go far ahead, and just not look back.

But Nature does not allow it to do that. Everything, which emerges out of the ZERO Point of the universe, has to perform its pre-assigned role and needs to return back to the Point ZERO.

So, the LINE was no exception!

After a certain distance travel, the attraction force of the zero point, forces the Line to return back.

But, the line is also adamant. 

It will not let go of its nature, away from Zero.

During its forced travel towards the zero point, it accumulates all its energy, and as it is about to touch the Point zero, its energy rises to peak. 

Then what!

It again escapes the hands of Zero, and runs away far from Zero to satisfy itself. Now… Zero is the origin.

It cannot allow anything in this world against its wish. So, again it sends a similar, but opposite in nature force to catch hold of the line and return back. Again the Line finds its energy and runs away. This process of returning back to zero makes a Circumference, a surface.

Let’s take the story to it’s Conclusion.

The continuous running away of the Line from the point Zero, and returning back with a Circumference,  but before touching the Zero point, escaping and running far again, creates a SPIRAL shape.

Here emerges LIFE. The GENES.

The DNA – No wonder, it’s a SPIRAL shape!

Creation starts from a POINT – No DIMENSION, 


Makes a Circumference – TWO DIMENSION 


Interpretation of this sacred syllable OM: It is awe-inspiring to understand the structure of OM.

Om has a point – Chandra Bindu that represents a dot, the starting point of anything and everything in this universe.

It has a line that represents the combination of many dots.

Then it has a curve with a slightly flat surface which represents two dimensional area.

Finally, it has two arms wrapping around each other forming a spiral structure making it three dimensional.

This is the same structure of the minutest particle and the biggest particle in this universe.

OM is the start and OM is the end and it continues. The whole world is nothing but OM.

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