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Ring the bell of happiness!!

Sharing a very unique story where you will see that ringing the bronze bell can actually bring back the magic in your home and in your life.

There was a person who contacted me and shared, “ Dr. Seema, tell me something. During the whole day at work, however laborious, I feel quite active and energetic. I have that enthusiasm for work. But as soon as I enter my home after a hectic schedule, I am so tired and do not feel lively at all. In Spite of our house being the most comfortable place to be! Why is that so? I find that strange!”

I replied,” it’s really strange! Ofcourse, our home is the most comfortable place for us. But still, at some times, you tend to become a bit dull at home, compared to outside. You know, and then our house members say – “You are so cheerful and happy outside home, what happens to you inside home? You are not that lively, when you reach home”.

I’ll tell you, 70% of the housewives complain that after a whole day of tiring work, their husbands do not have enough quality time for them in the evening also.

But, in the house where there is an infant, a newly born kid, the father of that kid, as soon as he comes home, however tired his day has been, will forget all about his tiredness and just start playing with the child and admiring the little one. Right !!

The person realized this and said, “Ha ha that’s true ma’am”. 

Then I explained to the person, ofcourse, it’s love for the kid. But do you know the general reason behind this?

You need to understand one thing. In the outside world, everything keeps on changing. You visit different places on different days. You meet different people on different days. In short, the energies you come in contact with, are different. So, there is a shift and rotation of energy in yourself too! But at home, the energies are confined to the 4 walls of the house. There is not much shift in the energies in the house.Now, understand this, a new born baby has a new activity every moment while he/she is awake! And that makes the energies of the house lively. So, it’s important that we make the energies of the house to shift, i.e. bring some change in the energy of the house.

The person got curious and asked me, “seems interesting! but how?” 

I told the curious person, “you know, one of my known people has started this tradition of bell ringing. Bell ringing is not just a tradition, it’s a very scientific process. It is one of the easiest ways to make a shift in the energy in and around your house.

The person asked, “wow!! How’s that possible??”

I explained, “the first thing to remember is the bell has to be of bronze metal for maximum effects. No other. So when you ring the bell, the vibrations are created which removes all the stuck up energies in the house. The vibrations recreate new energies which gives you that liveliness and energy. Your home will be filled with avalanches and episodes of new activities. 

The person was in awe and said, “so, you mean to say, just ringing a bell can make a house more lively and fresh.!!”

I said, of course yes.

The sound of a properly designed bronze bell, when rung, produces certain vibrations which aligns human MIND, BODY & SOUL. And hence makes LIFE more meaningful and more active. It removes all the stuck up negative energies, and re-energises that area with fresh new energies.

I further explained, “Do you know why there is the tradition of ringing bells in the morning and evening during worship rituals?  It’s to remove all the stuck up and stagnant energies and recreate fresh new ones, to make you feel more lively, fresh and energetic!!

The person said excitedly, “wow! So, I will ring the bell everyday in my house and that too a bronze bell!!

So, everyone, start this scientific tradition of ringing the bronze bell in your home on an everyday basis and see the magic happening in your life. The sound of the bell will capture your heart and mind and you will feel a sense of tranquility and greater peace of mind.

Have a SMILE RICH life.

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