Self Love (Me…My best friend)

Imagine waking up in the morning in this lockdown. You have just opened your eyes, you look around. Silence is all you can listen to. You come to the living room, silence… You go to another bedroom, silence… You go to the kitchen, silence… There is nobody to talk to, nobody to listen to you. You are all alone and your phone rings. I am on the other side of the line and I ask you “hey how are you doing?. Can you give me the name of a movie that comes to your mind right now, when you are all alone in this lockdown?”.

What would be your answer?. I invite you to close your eyes and imagine the above scenario and answer.

Would your answer be “Zindagi na milegi dobara” and “ Jeene bhi do yaaro” ?

If it’s highly unlikely , then this blog post is exactly for you.  This blog post is all about self love.

Above example is real and shall come along with the blog.

We all really love to express our love to our family and friends. We express through words and actions to make other people realize that they are an important part of your life. 

But have you ever realized how many times have you said to yourself “ I love you so much” ? Have you ever stood in front of the mirror and appreciated yourself and said , “ Hey, today you did a great job, I am really proud of you.“? Have you ever kissed yourself for doing an amazing job?  If you have done these things, you are in love with yourself and this is called self-loveism. 

If you are afraid to be alone or you cannot do without anybody else, be it at work or in personal life, then you need to take serious actions for this and develop self loveism. You are your best friend and nobody in this world can love and respect you more than your own self. Once you develop self love, you can live happily in any situation of life. 

For example, you really love someone with all your heart and that person says” You are an important part of my life but I don’t love you so much.” What happens next? You start feeling low and sad. Your self esteem goes down and you start cursing that person and you start regretting the time you spent with that person. But why? Do you really think that that person is really responsible for your happiness and peace in life? No! 

You and only you are responsible for your own well being and happiness!  

If anybody says bad about you, it’s totally up to you how to react.  If you take that persons’ words to heart, then you will get disturbed and unhappy. But if you don’t not take that person’s words to your heart and say to yourself “ It’s ok, that person is speaking of his/her own opinion and opinion keeps on changing. How does it matter to me? For me, my happiness and peace of mind is of utmost importance. I know what I am. I choose to be happy always ”. This is self lovism.

Another example of self love is about this 45 year old lady who lives in Bangalore all alone and works as a Purchase Manager in an MNC. In this lockdown period, we played a game where we asked many people to describe their feelings and life in this lockdown in one bollywood movie’s name. We got various interesting answers, but this 45 years lady who stays all alone and has no one to talk to in person, beautifully answered and gave the names of two movies, “Zindagi na milegi dobara” and “ Jeene bhi do yaaro”. Wow!!  What a great perspective towards life in this lockdown period! She explained that, “ in normal days, I cannot have me time with myself and this lockdown has given me the opportunity to be with myself and develop and cherish my own company more”. It was a long time she spent in lockdown but still was enjoying those wonderful moments with herself. She said, “ work is going in online and all is so smooth”. This lady has self loveism and really cherishes her own company.

That’s what we all need to do. This type of attitude will always make you happy and fulfilled in life. So, always remember, if anything comes to you which is negative , don’t speak it out, let it be. If you speak it out and give your attention, the universe will hear it and give it more to you. On the other hand, if anything positive happens, speak it out happily and you will get much more in return. 

So, leave negative and speak only positive and cultivate self-love more and more. Self-love is the foundation of a happy life. Keep smiling and keep enjoying this beautiful life!! 

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