Slow Down, pause and think…

Slow down a bit, life has beautiful things in store for you.
Slow down a bit and find time to appreciate little things in your life.
Slow down a bit to find time for yourself, to go deep inside you.
Slow down a bit to find a NEW YOU within you.
Slow down a bit and love yourself, appreciate yourself and be with your own self.
Slow down a bit to realize the wonders of this beautiful nature, spend time with nature to find new energies within you.
Slow down a bit and find a new and much stronger you.

We are all working for success and excellence and of course we are successful and we find excellence for ourselves. But, did you ever realize in finding this excellence and big successes, what humans have missed out. We have lost our own selves.

Just slow down a bit and take out time and ask yourself below:

“When was the last time I sat down to appreciate myself and when was the last time I sat with nature and felt it’s warmth and it’s energy?”.
“When was the last time I sat under the beautiful sky and simply gazed at the stars and the moon?”.
“When was the last time and I sat with my partner just holding hands silently without any words, just seeing each other lovingly in the eyes?”.

If you really did find time to do all these in the recent past, I can say you’re a very strong personality. Nothing can stop you from physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and economic growth and growing in all other spheres of life. It’s because you love yourself. You are your own favorite. You take out time to nurture your mind, body and soul and build your inner strength. Human existence is all about mind, body and soul which makes life. We nourish the mind and the body but we forget to nourish our soul. Soul can never be nourished by materialistic things, it can only be nourished by catering to your inner needs, by realizing yourself, by being with nature, by loving yourself, by appreciating yourself…

Slowing down will teach you patience, you will realize that there are certain things in life worth waiting for. The enjoyment and fulfillment is in the process. You will become more relaxed and will enjoy the moments more with the people you love. You will learn in every moment as you grow.

So slow down a bit and take out time at least ten mins a day to sit quietly with some soothing instrumental music and relax. Just be with yourself, nothing else. Your mind may wander to different things, but again bring your mind back to yourself. Yourself means your breath which is the simplest way to realize that you exist. So, in the ten minutes that you take out for yourself, always keep your attention to your breath and watch your breath. See that you’re breathing. Are you really breathing? If yes, then that’s the proof that you are living. 

Every time your mind wanders, bring it back to your breathing. Don’t’ focus on why your mind is wandering here and there.It is meant to be like that, just bring it back to your breathing and realize what changes you find in yourself.

Once again, slow down a bit to have a balanced approach to everything in life and to find a much better, happier, fulfilled and stronger you. 

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