“SMILE”, the biggest and simplest Meditation

Meditation is finding yourself.

The meaning is, 

What we are!

Who we are!

Where we are coming from!

It does not matter how we look.

Also, we need to understand that any imagination during Meditation is unnecessary.

This takes us to Illusions, to a different path from our Meditation. 

In real Meditation, things just happen. Do not try to control your thoughts.

Keep a SMILE on your face.

A physical Smile, which will ultimately lead to Metaphysical Smile, Smile from the Mind.

My guru said,

“Good is Good, Bad is Equally Good”.

Because, if we do not face Bad, we do not have value for good.

Meditation is Awareness.

We need to be aware of what we are doing.

That is the first step, and most fundamental way, we do the Meditation.

Ask yourself, what is the reason of your being !.

Become aware of your Mind, become  aware  of your Body.

Before entering into Meditation, touch yourself, to become aware of your Existence.

We cannot be aware of ourselves, without the physical existence.

So, touch yourself and be aware of your existence.

Do not forget yourself.

Do not leave yourself.

If we are aware of our own existence first, everything else exists. Then we are aware, fact of the universe, part of the Existence.

Generally, when people come into Meditation, they focus on imagination, fantasy. But, when you focus on your imagination, you lose your main purpose of Meditation.

While you Meditate, you might have some strange sensation, some illusion. This will only deviate yourself from the actual phenomena.

Do not focus on sensation and illusion.

It might happen that we lose our true direction. 

This is the motivated upgradation, but not our true direction.

Say for example,  During  Meditation, someone saw a beautiful Rainbow.

What is the meaning!

It’s just that she saw a Rainbow. That’s all.

No other meaning. These kinds of illusions just can be taken as motivation, but have no specific meaning. Might be this Illusion misleads you. You lose your main direction.

Before seeing the Rainbow, she had a very clear direction, where to go. After this visualization,  her focus changed, and her main aim, the main direction of Meditation shifted.

Meditation is a very strong concentration activity. Some sensation is exaggeration.

And as this sensation becomes more and more strong, it becomes a kind of Illusion. 

But you need to follow the direction, you decided, at the beginning of the Meditation.

You should just stick to it. Not be distracted by any picturesque or any other imagination, which you can feel.

Always return back to your main direction.

The actual quest is still the same – My Existence !

So, please be aware, not to give in to these Illusions. They take you away from your main aim of Meditation. 

Protect your emotion. Do not damage your emotion. This can be achieved by SMILE. The Smile will protect your emotions.

And Smile with your Intention.

Smiling makes us very strong energies. 

Any age, any look doesn’t matter.

A Smiling person’s energy could be realized amongst 1000 people.

I Congratulate your upgradation.

Keep Smiling.

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