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Start your day happily & powerfully

How we spend the morning time is very important as it impacts the whole day! Having a great morning routine boosts happiness, reduces stress and increases productivity.

Here we are mentioning a few but powerful and healthy habits to start your day.

Sleep with a thankful heart:

If we have stress and worry while sleeping, then we will wake up with the same feeling. Gratitude makes the sleep quality very good. Have gratitude when you sleep, then you will wake up with positive vibes. This certainly impacts your morning mood. Keep a gratitude journal on your bedside table so that’s its handy.

Wake early in the morning:

Waking up between 4 to 5 am is the best time. This is the golden time. The air is fresh and cool in the mornings and it gives you a kick start for the day. You can plan out your day well to avoid any kind of rush.  

Drink water:

First thing in the morning, you should have water. Drink it slowly and be thankful each time you drink it. It’s the best drink. It helps cleanse your bowels and flush out toxins from the body. 

Morning pages:

After getting fresh, you should write a few pages for about 5 to 10 minutes. These are called morning pages. It could be 10 things you are grateful for, it could be your morning feelings, it could be on some topic which makes you feel good or anything that crosses your mind. It provokes clarity. The ultimate goal is to feel grateful and happy and feel everything from the heart.


Doing a small, maybe a 15 minute meditation will help calm your mind and direct your energies to all the positives in life. But do it everyday. Make it a daily habit. 

Make your bed:

This might look simple and not of so much use, but it surely makes a huge impact on how you feel. This small exercise helps your mind to declutter. Try if you have not tried it yet and experience the impact yourself.


This is a must everyday. It helps you feel good physically and emotionally. It helps to keep your weight under control, reduces heart risks, helps manage sugar levels in the body and strengthen your muscles and bones.

Make a to do list:

This activity helps plan your day better and improves performance. Once you finish any activity /work just slash it out or mark in some colour and see how you feel. 

Have a good healthy breakfast:

Having a good nutritious breakfast which gives you energy for the day is very important. If you are preparing your breakfast yourself, prepare it with a lot of love, attention and awareness.

Following the above basic steps in the morning will surely make your day a great one and set the positive tone for your day. We can focus better and prioritize the right things in life. It’s a key to a successful and happy life. You can develop your own morning routine and follow it with perseverance.


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