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Stomach Ache Healed With Thoughts

Sharing a case where a little girl, 8 years old visited Smile N Shine clinic and told me that she has regular stomach aches and moreover sometimes twice a day. This pain lasts around 10-15 minutes and after passing stool she would get the relief. She was not able to consume milk or any junk food. 

Being a small kid, all these restrictions were too much for her and she was quite irritated. As a part of the treatment at Smile N Shine, she agreed to take acupuncture. With the acupuncture, I gave her some emotional treatment. It was very simple.

As we all know that kids’ minds are very delicate. It understands and accepts things very easily and openly. So. I just asked her to do a simple conversation with her stomach. I explained to the kid that when someone becomes adamant, you scold them. So simply I told her to scold her stomach ache and say, “Hey Stomach ache, just go away, I don’t want you!!”  And then she repeated the same after me but her voice was not so firm and strong. So I advised her to speak again more firmly this time, “  “Hey Stomach ache, just go away, I don’t want you!!” So, by continuously repeating 5-6 times in front of me, she got the tone and she believed in it, that by staying so, her stomach pain will run away. This is the thought and belief I wanted to implant in her mind.

She did this conversation holding her stomach every time she had a stomach ache. After 3 sessions of acupuncture along with this very simple emotional treatment, her stomach pain reduced by 80%. She started having milk and of course some of the home-made food she enjoys.

The little kid is very happy now. The treatment was over around one and half months back, still she has no complaints of stomach pain. She is totally fine now. 

Therefore, with certain twists in the mind and a little change in the way we think can cure all physical diseases. Changing thoughts can make a big difference in our physical health. 


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