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Stop existing.. start living…

A successful Man, or a Woman, needs inspiration.

Inspiration comes from a friend, a mentor, a person who loves you, and wants your SUCCESS.

Now, I have a question.

Amongst all humans in touch with you, who can inspire you the most ??
This is a very important question.
Think about it.

Answer – You, Yourself. No other!
Because no one else can love you more than you yourself!.
So, you yourself are your best friend, your Mentor, your Guide, your Lover.
Let’s check how truly you love yourself.

Test 1.

Someone speaks wrong to you. How do you react ?
a) Get angry
b) Just not bother, be indifferent.
If your answer is (b), you are in true love for yourself.
Let him speak all that bad. It doesn’t really make you bad, with his speaking! So why be angry? If you are angry, somewhere you have accepted that bad for yourself.

Test 2.

If you create some mistakes. Are you in quilts for long?
a) No, not at all.
b) Hmm yes.
If your answer says (a) then you really really love yourself.
Because to make mistakes is Human. To be in guilt after making a mistake is an even bigger mistake.

So, test yourself with these 2 simple tests, to know how much you are in deep love with your own self.

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” ― Dale Carnegie

Just try to look at your daily routine, and check, whether, anytime of the day, do you ever pause in front of your mirror, and appreciate yourself!!

Those who do, are true lovers for themselves.
Start loving yourself…
Start celebrating your life…
Start rejoicing each moment in front of you…

“When you are just EXISTING, life happens to you… and you manage; when you are truly LIVING, you happen to life… and you lead.” ― Steve Maraboli

Start living…
Stop just existing.

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