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Sujok : God’s love for us

We say that Almighty is our Father. He will always take care of us and never let us suffer. In this logical scientific world, we need proof. We need everything to be proved in order to believe. 

Do you have any proof that the Almighty love us?

I have the proof. Sujok Therapy, a very novel therapy formulated by Professor Park Jae Woo of South Korea shows exactly how much the Almighty loves and is supportive in our upgradation in  solving any physical, emotional or mental problems.

So what is Sujok Therapy and how it can prove the Almighty loves us. Our hands are so readily available for any activity we want to do.  They are always in front of us. Everyday we do so many activities with our hands. So, our hand points get stimulated and energized by the work we do. In each work we do, some or the other part of the hand is involved and it gets stimulated. So, unknowingly, by chance, we stimulate certain parts of our hands and keep those particular concerned body parts active. This is a part of Sujok Therapy.

Sujok is a South Korean treatment system in which “Su” means hands and “Jok” means feet. So, all our body is organized in our hand and feet in a miniature form.

So, that means, each part of the body could be found in the hand as a corresponding point of the body. If there is any problem in the abdomen area, we can find a perfect corresponding point for the abdomen in the hand and stimulate it to make the abdomen area free of the discomfort and disease. Seems so simple!

Sujok is a very easy, very logical step wise treatment formulated in a scientific way by Professor Park Jae Woo of South Korea.

The tools used are not difficult ones. If we are not equipped with the right tools of Sujok, even a stem of a plant can do the treatment, it’s so natural. So anywhere, anytime you can perform the Sujok treatment.

Hence, this is the most simple and the strongest proof that the Almighty really loves us and he wants us to be free of all suffering. Just imagine, our hands which are readily available every-time in front of us, how easy it is that by stimulating certain points of the hand, you can make your body healthy and energized.  This is a completely natural therapy that enables your own body to start repairing itself.

Therefore, I invite all of you to witness the wonderful world of Sujok. You can learn it yourself and heal yourself through this novel therapy. Visit us.

And most importantly, become more happy and blissful with Sujok. Have a Peaceful and Healed life.

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