Sujok Therapy

Diseases hinder the joy in once life because the true beauty in life is disease free body, peaceful mind and a tranquil spirit. Man in the quest to live a healthy life and fight a disease doesn’t get to enjoy life to the fullest as the search for a healthy life is a basic instinct of every human being on this planet. Thus, for this, the art of medicine has been developing continuously to give everybody a pleasant and enjoyable life.

The human body is formed in a way that has the ability to maintain and restore health on its own. The physician’s role is to aid, improve and remove obstacles to recover health. As physicians provide a personalized approach to any treatment, same is the case with Sujok Therapy. Sujok therapy is a recent development which promises not only physical but also heals mental and emotional diseases. Having the benefit to cure any kind of illness, innumerable medical professionals, as well as layman, have studied this treatment since its discovery.

Sujok: An Idolized Contribution to the History of Medicine

The distinguished philosopher, scholar and scientist, Prof. Park Jae Woo gave in his years of research to contribute to the medical history by developing Sujok therapy. The therapy is the extensive research on the correspondence system of the human body which is performed on hands and feet. Sujok is a South Korean word where â€œSu” means hands and â€œJok” means feet. The formation of hands and feet resembles the constitution and structure of the human body. Simulating the areas on the hands and feet matching the affected areas of the body cause to heal and recover. We really can say that hands and feet are like the remote control to the body.

Seema Damani: A Sujok Lecturer

Professionals from all walks of life have learnt Sujok from Seema Damani. She has been certified and authorized to teach and heal Acupressure and Acupuncture and other affiliated therapies. People from the age group of 13 to 83 years have learned the basics of Sujok from well-renowned healer Seema Damani where she promises to teach and cure all the first aid problems without using any type of pain killers.