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The Beginning of the end…

In every walk of nature, one receives far more than one seeks.

But do we think of giving back to nature?.
Why do we always think of taking but never giving back?

This mindset of mankind has created a lot of troubles for the mother earth. Many species have become vulnerable while some are on the verge of being extinct whereas many of them are already extinct. With the advent of technology and the use of non-renewable resources has caused tremendous harm to the environment, animals, plants and also human beings.

Let’s relate this to Hindu scripturesAccording to Hindu mythology, there are a total of four yugas. 
1- Satya Yuga
2-  Treta Yuga
3- Dvapara Yuga
4- Kali Yuga

The descending yugas see a gradual decline of knowledge, wisdom, dharma, emotions, physical strength and lifespan. Satya Yuga is the first yuga and is considered to be the yuga of perfection and truth. Kali Yuga being the last in the cycle is the age of ignorance and darkness where people lack virtue. In Kali Yuga we living beings have lost touch with our inner selves.

Do you think it is the beginning of the end of the Kali yuga?

With the help of technology, men believe themselves to be the superpower and have started destroying the elements of nature. Going against the law of nature is doing no good to anyone. Now, we see that the almighty has taken the reins and started acting by causing a destruction with natural calamities all over the planet. The biggest sign of destruction of Mankind is Covid-19! To survive these trying times, we must move from low vibrations which can be done by helping others, giving back to nature, saving the species that are on the verge of extinction and stop nature from being polluted by our actions.

Only the positive ones with higher vibrations will be given a chance to welcome the Satya Yuga. For this, one must learn to strike a balance between technology and soulful living.

Let’s become positive towards one another and help each other grow. Let’s move from negative vibrations towards positive ones and welcome Satya Yuga – the era of truth with open arms. Let’s all be there to witness the positive environmental change nature is going to bring us during the Satya Yuga.

For most of history, the man had to fight with nature in order to survive. In this century, man is beginning to realize that  in order to survive, he must protect nature. In a world of constant change and stream technology, one will always find solace and enlightenment in nature’s arms, for nature’s tree remains a tree.

Let’s all just stay put with nature because it is the beginning of Kali Yuga.

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