There is a Beginning and an End to Everything!

Let’s understand today that what begins, ends for sure. 

Like the sun! It rises in the morning and then sets in the evening. It appears and then disappears. Same way, people start to work in the morning and then retire for the day in the evening.

There is always a start point and a finish point for each and everything!

Let’s see a few more examples to understand this concept:

  • Our bodies, for example, start from the head and end in the legs. 
  • An airplane starts at the head and ends in its tail. 
  • A tunnel has an entry point at the start and an exit point in the end. 
  • Water starts its journey from a small spring in the mountains and ends its journey by merging into the sea.
  • The living creatures start their life when they are born and finish their life when they die. 

Life is a continuous cycle of starts and stops.

Now the question is why do we have a beginning and an end to everything?

It all happens under certain fundamental principles and rules and undergo repetitive cycles of beginning and end. Beginning and ending are the basis of the existence of everything in this world and are repeated after a certain period of time for everything.

Next question arises, is there any beginning in this world? How the world started?

If there was a beginning, how did it start first? The grandest question is how did life come into existence? How these trees, plants, flowers, animals came into existence? Where this earth came from?

Want to know? Keep watching the space and keep exploring.

Have a Smile life.

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