Throw away your Negatives

Good is good, bad is equally good. Having bad qualities and bad emotions does not make you any less good. If you think you have any bad in you, just speak of it. Once you speak of it, you are out of it. It will not harm you anymore or give you any negative effect.  

Example, it is very strongly said that we shouldn’t be very proud of our good qualities. We should not speak much of our goods else it will go away. So if good qualities can go if we speak of it, then why not so-called bad qualities can go if we speak of it?

Maintaining a diary is not a good idea because you are locking and preserving your thoughts and not releasing them. You are carrying them with you all the time.  Dwelling on your bads and regrets and focussing on them will not help you in any way. Infact, it will lead you to more and more miserable and depressing experiences. This could be extremely harmful and detrimental for your well being, mental and physical health. Therefore, you should never carry your bads with you.

To improve the quality of your life and have positive vibrations, every night, find a quiet place to sit where you do not get disturbed, have a paper and pen and write three bad things which you did that day or three things which have disturbed you a lot during that day. Also, write all the good things you did that day. Read all the goods and bad you have written out loud. And then tear that paper and throw it off. Don’t ever preserve it.  Just rip them off and throw them away!Once you throw these thoughts away whether positive or negative, it will not affect you in any way. This physical aggressive action from your side will do wonders for you and would relieve pressure from your brain about the negative thoughts. Your brain will experience freedom. Within a month you will be out of the clutches of your bads. You will see the magic happening in your life!

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