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Triorigin Smile Meditation

Do you want to feel inner happiness? Do you want to smile like a child without any worries of the world? Do you want to smile like a Buddha?

If your answer to the above is “yes”, then keep on reading below.

A smile is the essence of life and the greatest miracle in the world. – Prof Park, Jae Woo

Here, we shall talk about a meditation that will calm your mind and give you inner peace. You will feel one with your soul.

Triorigin Smile Meditation is a method of self discovery and self recovery created by our Professor, Park Jae Woo of South Korea, founder of Sujok Therapy. 

Triorigin Smile meditation is a profound, mindful and unique kind of meditation. In this meditation, certain body postures, certain sounds, certain breathing techniques and certain walking styles control the mind to achieve the meditation state.This meditation helps to achieve a harmony between our neuro state mind, body and soul. It allows us to see smiles in ourselves, in everyone in the world, in every moment and in all situations in life. It makes us believe that every living creature is a smiling creature. It helps to realize and appreciate the wonders of this world, us included.

This smile meditation can create wonders in our lives:

– It improves the quality of our life and the life of the people around us.

– It improves our overall well-being. 

– Doing this meditation continuously, one can achieve greater self confidence, increased abilities, become a smiling person whom the society and people around will love and respect.

– It helps us remain away from all the negatives.

– It teaches us to remain calm in unwanted disturbing situations.

– It has the potential to treat addicts from tobacco, drugs etc.

Smile and Wonder makes life more beautiful and worth living. We should always look at all things with awe and wonder and with a smile on our face. We should always feel how blessed we are to live, breathe and smile.

When everything is complete, absolute and harmonized, a smile is born spontaneously. We can understand that the essence of existence in this world in a sense lies in the creation of a perfect and absolutely harmonized smile world. –  Prof. Park Jae Woo.

You can visit us and learn Triorigin Smile meditation to create more wonderful moments in life. Read this. You can also read more about smile meditation here.

So, live a SMILE LIFE and experience the wonders of life!

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