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Water can change your life!

This is one thing which we intake orally the most throughout the day. It’s so easy for us to just open the tap of the filter and pour ourselves a glass of water.

Have you ever thought the journey this water travels to reach our homes and then our glasses?

It passes through so many places, bends, curves and every place, every bend, every curve has its own energy. This energy may be positive or negative, you might never know. So this water which is passing through all these places will collect all types of energies and shall keep accumulating that energy within it.

Water as we know is very neutral. It has no colour, no shape, no taste. It has a flat taste. If you put it in a green bottle, it becomes green and if you put in any other colour bottle, it takes over that bottle colour. Water takes different shapes as per the different containers you fill it in. It can change to ice so easily it can change to vapours so fast. So water is highly adjustable with it’s neutral character. On a lighter note, if humans become like water, their lives will be like heaven. Hahahahah!!

Now, since water is so adjustable, it is very much accommodating for your thought patterns. How you think and what you think while you are drinking the water matters a lot.

Now tell me something, do you ever look at your water while you are drinking it? Ask yourself, maybe 2 to 4 % of people will say,” yes, I look at my water when I drink it”. For others, it’s just another work to be done. But we need to give more importance to how we drink our water. This is very important. By only changing the way we drink our water can change a lot in our lives. 

So, in this blog I am going to advise you how to drink your water in order to gain positive and perfect energy.  So here, I want to ask you a question, how much did you smile today? Yes, how much did you smile today?

You only smile when you achieve something, this is the very general nature of humans. We smile only when we accomplish something so that means smile is achievement, smile is equal to perfection, smile is 100% super power and we use this property of smile to enhance our life quality while we drink our water. So next time you take your glass of water to drink it, you need to look at the water continuously. When you are pouring the water inside your mouth, your eyes should be fixed on the water till the last drop and you need to see small small droplets of water as very very small particles of smilies.

So, the water you are in-taking is the smiliese of water.

You know what is the meaning of smiliezed water and what is the importance of it in your life? Water itself is so healthy and so neutral and when you add smiles to it which is perfection in itself, it’s property increases ten-folds.

So, again I am repeating the process, when you are drinking water, you need to see the water continuously till the last drop of it and you need to see that there are small and very tiny smiley particles in the water as droplets which are entering your mouth and eventually your body.

If you can drink water according to this process just for 4 to 5 times a day in your total intake of water, you can see a big change in your thought process. Positivity will rule your mind, you will have many achievements which will make you smile continuously. 

Change the way you drink your water, change your life!

So enjoy drinking your water and enjoy your life with a great smile.

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