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You are the Creator of your Reality

It’s all in the mind. Whatever you think, you attract. If you think positive, you will attract positives in life, if you think negative, you will attract negativity in life. Our thought patterns are always tuning with the same frequency as the energy in the cosmos. Therefore, whatever are your thought energies, the energy of the cosmos around us catches the same vibration and returns us back the same.

So, whatever we think, we attract.

For example, if you want to become very rich and famous and want yourself to wear the best clothing and accessories, begin to stay like that from today itself. Dress up nicely whether you need to go some place or a meeting, just dress-up. Because being dressed up, you will be seeing yourself as what you want to be in reality. As your mind and thought patterns register your body language, it understands those physical vibrations and creates energy vibrations where you will be all dressed up and abundant because you are already feeling abundant. And then the universe joins in and starts creating all the needed opportunities for you to become more and more abundant.

If you want an abundant life, always speak of abundance, never speak of scarcity.  

You can create affirmations for yourself as below:

I live in abundance of health.

I live in abundance of wealth.

I live in abundance of fame.

I live in abundance of peace.

and so on…

Speak these affirmations to yourself loud and clear every night before sleeping. Because the last thing which you speak and think before sleeping, travels with your subconscious mind throughout the night and then the universe relays the same energy vibrations back to your life. It creates your reality. Pay attention to the energy you’re releasing and emitting even while sleeping!

Whenever you have anything negative in mind, immediately switch to positive and speak those positive thoughts loud and clear. This practice would solve many of your negative emotions in your life and would make your life full of abundance.

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